Monday, December 7, 2009

From troubled teenager to death row: the story of Yong Vui Kong

Film-makers Lynn Lee and James Leong have released a short video interview with the brother of Yong Vui Kong, the 21-year-old Malaysian drug mule set to hang in Singapore within weeks. It's well worth watching.

I saw Yong's brother speak about his predicament at an anti-death penalty forum in Singapore in October. Because of Singapore's tight restrictions on foreigners speaking in public, he had to stand in the middle of the room rather than at the front as he appealed to those present to help convince the President to show his wayward brother leniency.

Human rights campaigners in Singapore are calling on the government to give Yong an almost unprecendented last-minute repreive. It is highly unlikely that the govrernment will be swayed by such pleas. Yong's final appeal will be heard tomorrow morning.

A write-up of the event held at Singapore's Speakers' Corner yesterday to express concern about Yong's case is online here.

Rachel Zeng, one of the event's organisers, says that Yong has still not told his mother that he is on death row. Yong's brother told her:

"Vui Kong made my mother promise that she will forget him because he had committed such a serious crime and will be sent away. He told her that she won’t be able to see him again."

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