Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Malaysia the real beneficiary from Singapore National Day

Even though Singapore was unceremoniously booted out of its short-lived union with Malaysia, it is ironically Malaysia that could be the major beneficiary of Singapore's heavily-orchestrated National Day celebrations this weekend.

Singaporeans like to joke that the annual National Day holiday is a great opportunity to get away to Malaysia and, according to the Straits Times, they are not wrong.

The newspaper of record is warning of heavy traffic this weekend at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints, which connect Singapore to Malaysia over the straits of Johor, as Singaporeans exit en masse.

As if to ram the point home, the Straits Times explains that departing traffic will be at its worst on Thursday, while arrivals will peak on Sunday (National Day) and Monday.

While many Singaporeans may prefer to see their relatives in Malaysia or chow down on some cheap seafood at an idyllic Malaysia beach, I for one will be staying in town, admiring the might of the Singapore military on display.


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