Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to The Asia File's new home

If you're reading this you'll most probably have followed the link from my old blog location at The Telegraph so thanks for the show of loyalty.

I've only recently set up this blog so the design/layout is still in its infant stages and may well change over the coming weeks and months.

Now I've been freed from my "Business" shackles at The Telegraph, I'm likely to cover a broader range of subjects as I travel around Asia.

In short, expect more politics.


  1. I'm interested in whats been going on in Timor Lorosae since independence.

  2. I'm heading there to look into the government's plans to move the country forward, now that the post-independence violence and disorder finally seems to have settled down.

    You may want to check out this interview I did with the TL finance minister recently: