Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Myanmar boys on tour

In the West, Myanmar is often depicted as a hermit state, isolated from the rest of the world. That may be an accurate view in the US, the EU and Australia, where there are strict sanctions in force, but it is not the case in Asia, as this photograph shows.

This is the Myanmar boys football team doing some sightseeing in Singapore after being knocked out of the Asian Youth Games following a 5-1 thrashing by South Korea on Monday.

They seemed pretty relaxed until I got my camera out and started snapping, at which point a few of them turned away, reluctant to have their photo taken.

They were at City Hall MRT station, which is very close to Peninsula Plaza, the shopping centre of choice for Singapore's sizable Burmese community. There are some great Burmese food places there such as Inle, which most definitely gets the thumbs up from my Burmese friends.
Hopefully the lads were more successful at picking up souvenirs then they were on the football pitch.