Monday, June 28, 2010

The grim reality of judicial corporal punishment

In my last blog post, I argued that Oliver Fricker, who broke into a depot and spray painted a train in Singapore, can hardly be surprised that he faces three strokes of the cane.

However, I also voiced my strongly-held opinion that corporal punishment is barbaric and should be outlawed.

The decision to cane a Western white-collar worker like Fricker has already sparked considerable debate both within Singapore and in the wider world (as I've said before, few pay any attention when Singaporeans and other Asians are caned on a regular basis).

I'd urge the less squeamish among you, particularly those who support corporal punishment, to watch this video of a judicial caning in Malaysia.

The gruesome caning itself is perhaps less harrowing than the clinical precision with which the punishment is meted out.

Hat-tip to The Online Citizen for the video link.


  1. Have seen that video before. Can only say Fricker deserves each of his 3 strokes-should havebeen given all 8! Also, have seen the behind of a Dude after getting 3 with the roton, so Fricker will be not sitting for sometime after his justreward! And will go home with the lifetime scars across his white butt cheeks!

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