Saturday, March 13, 2010

Appeal hearing on Monday for Malaysian drug mule facing gallows in Singapore

The final appeal for Yong Vui Kong, the convicted Malaysian drug trafficker facing a death sentence in Singapore, will be heard on Monday, according to The Online Citizen, an alternative news website that has been following Yong's story closely. (Background here)

Andrew Loh of TOC has written a powerful piece looking at Yong's story. Here's a brief extract:

He found a friend in prison – a 22-year-old from Malaysia, who also received the death penalty for drug trafficking. The boy would die just three months before Vui Kong’s scheduled execution. He was a trembling mess the day before the hanging. Vui Kong would later tell his brother that he stayed up all night comforting his friend, urging him to meditate so he could face his final moments with inner peace.

The next morning, the boy had to be dragged from his cell to the execution chamber, crying, wailing and begging to be freed and to be forgiven.


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