Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ten career options for foreign correspondents

At 27, I don't quite feel over the hill yet but given the parlous state of serious journalism around the world, it probably makes sense to think ahead.

In this video interview by Hong Kong blogger and online strategist Thomas Crampton, former foreign correspondent and author Eric Weiner outlines 10 options for foreign correspondents who are forced to leave the field for various reasons.

My favourite option is number 8: Death.

As Weiner puts it, "it's not an option you choose so much as it chooses you".

"It is not the preferred option but it does have certain advantages. If you were to die in the line of duty, people will remember you very fondly. They will remember you for being the kind of person that in reality you never were. A kind, generous person who was all about telling the story and not about ego."

"The downside of the death option," he adds, "is that, well, you're dead."

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