Monday, September 14, 2009

Singapore's back-door Christians at it again?

Given their vociferous opposition to homosexuality, it's rather ironic that some of Singapore's fundamentalist Christians seem to prefer doing things by the back door.

Earlier this year there was the protracted AWARE saga, when a group of "family values" Christians masterminded a surreptitious takeover of Singapore's main women's association in an attempt to limit its sex education programme.

Now, a new citizen journalism website that professes to be a "balanced and in-depth" news portal ( has come under fire because of allegations that it is a front for pushing Christian values.

The allegations are detailed here and here, while Mathew Yap, who is in charge of the still-to-be-launched website, provides his defence here.

Much of the criticism is, for the blogosphere, quite reasoned and fair. Few have a problem with Christians trying to promote their own values but they are unhappy at the way they feel the fundamentalists are trying to hide their minority religious views under a cloak of mainstream respectability.

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